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Escape rooms are sweeping the nation. Escape Rooms are the new form of entertainment for adults, families and companies alike. The purpose of this escape room blog is to educate and inform the masses. Our Mission is to cover both the customers’ perspective, as well as the perspective of the escape room owner.

Written and edited by Joseph Broomell. Joseph Broomell has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources. He is also an escape room owner at Escape At The Shore on Tilton Road in Northfield NJ, near Atlantic City. Joseph Broomell stumbled across the Escape Room industry during a visit to Russia in 2012. Since then he has been an avid escape room enthusiast.

Acquired Knowledge

After being in business for 6 years. Escape At The Shore has insights into the industry that no other escape room company can replicate. We have learned computer programming to input code to use technology inside of our escape rooms. This technology includes Arduino, NODE-RED and many other controllers. Also, we have learned how to create video games and produce and edit short movie skits as well.

Furthermore, Escape At The Shore has learned how to use 3D printers and CNC machines. This aids us to create props that we would otherwise have to purchase online. Through the use of this acquired knowledge, the owners of Escape At The Shore have been lucky enough to start multiple separate small businesses. we use these businesses to boost income. This way we can bring you new and exciting escape rooms more frequently.

We are also very well versed in the use of low-level electricity. We have used that knowledge to create experiences that surpass existing escape room companies.

In conclusion, it is our hope that we can share our knowledge through this escape room blog with everyone to help push the escape room industry forward. This way, everyone can enjoy high quality puzzles and props at every location.

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