Team Building – Escape Room Virtual Reality

Team Building – Escape Room Virtual Reality

Team building benefits in escape rooms are reaching more and more people through organized workplace getaways. Why does an escape room experience work and how exactly does it affect your team?
Different types of puzzles and brain teasers in an escape room compel players to sharpen their individual skills in order to solve it. There are numerous kinds of puzzles you can experience in an escape room but there are some that that are really loaded with team building benefits. For example, there are puzzles that cannot be solved alone. These types of puzzles will really put to the test the ability of every individual to come up with solutions that will include the people around them. This can be really advantageous to get every player to brainstorm of positive ways to solve the puzzle while asking for cooperation from team members.

Improving Team Coordination Through Meta Puzzle

A meta-puzzle is a series of puzzle that solves a single riddle. This means the team has to collect different information by solving different puzzles and the answers they get are united to solve the prime puzzle. Different escape rooms often have different types of puzzles and you can arrange for your team to perform different kinds of rooms so everyone gets all of the rewards from working through a variety of puzzle types faced in every room.
A good example of a meta-puzzle is locating three hidden levers to unlock three different doors that will lead the team to a single room where they can find the final clue for the puzzle they need to solve. This type of puzzle enables the team to practice being organized while in a time crunch and communicating their thoughts and ideas properly.
The bottom line, with the experience escape rooms bring, every team starts to develop valuable skill sets such as leadership, problem solving efficiency and how to properly communicate with others. When a particular organization grows in this way, the bonds strengthen. And when the team is comfortable with each other, they become far more efficient when they return to the real world.
An immersive escape room experience is more than just a bonding experience. It helps establish individual roles within a team while increasing synergy and improving efficiency of which the ultimate recipient of the benefits will be the entire organization itself.

Why Virtual Reality Escape Rooms are the Future of Team Building?

Team Building

Every escape room that you have ever been to has been created and built by the owner of that escape room. If the escape room owner purchased the escape room from an escape room designer, chances are extremely high that the designer is also an owner of an escape room. My point is that none of these people really qualify for the job. Their backgrounds vary widely, from business admin to construction or low-level electricity.

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms were designed by people who studied puzzle design in college as a required course. Their knowledge of puzzle design far exceeds that of the escape room owner who plays PlayStation frequently as a reference. Most Virtual Reality Escape Rooms were designed by huge video game companies such as Ubisoft.
The immersion in a virtual reality escape room game can’t be beat by anything someone tried to create in the real world. It just isn’t possible. Virtual Reality is by far the better choice when it comes to getting the most out of your money when paying for an escape room experience. Customers tend to be apprehensive about virtual reality, but it is my consensus that they are apprehensive for the same reasons why employees resist change. In years to come, virtual reality will be the norm and the apprehensive people from the past will have let their guard down because of mandatory virtual reality training at their place of employment, which is becoming the norm, or their children begged them for a virtual reality headset for Christmas and now they love it.

Regardless of what anyone may think about Virtual Reality, the truth is that the concept is taking the world by storm. Virtual Reality is the more cost-efficient answer to escape rooms for escape room owners and across the world top professional companies such as Walmart, the FAA, Target and many more are using Virtual reality for their training and team building needs. So, if you have already put on your virtual reality headset, good for you! To the others who haven’t taken the leap of faith, the water is warm on this side of the pool and you won’t know it until you try. Good luck!