Escape Rooms – What You Need to Know

Our Xfiles escape room where there is an alien in a rube in a containment center

Escape Rooms – What You Need to Know  

The escape room industry is growing rapidly and without surprise. The market is booming and getting stronger than ever.The first escape room was opened almost a decade ago. Escape Rooms are immersive, interactive and collaborative games. Players must solve puzzles and follow clues, open locks, and find their way through secret passageways to finally escape from the room that they are trapped in. The basic themes of early escape rooms were generic and non-specific. Consequently, they have since evolved into complete story-lines and action adventures. There are innumerable interesting facts about escape rooms. We have compiled some of the basic facts you need to get started.

Escape Room Facts

  • Not all escape rooms are hard . At the onset of the game, you will probably be thinking that you won’t be able to finish the game even before it starts. It is quite true that most of these games can be quite challenging. The challenge is what makes it fun and exciting. There are escape games that are advanced and complex in terms of the theme and objectives but there are some where you can start off simple with basic puzzles and clues to follow.
  • It’s all about team play. Escape rooms are all about the people you play with. Based on your team, you can either win or lose even before the game starts. You need a good combination of shrewd and clever people who are packing different kinds of skills. Normally, a group consisting of a programmer, writer, a gamer, talented artist, and sales person will be more successful than a team composed of people who all do the same thing no matter how intelligent they are.
  • There is no dress code – the good thing about an escape room is you can come dressed in whatever you like. You can come as Chewbacca for all they care.
  • Note***** Please come as Chewbacca, pretty please!******* Invitation <Here>
  • However, the basic rule here is that you must wear whatever is comfortable with you. Remember, you might be crawling on the floor at some point.
  • Let the experience elevate you. Remember, it is just a game. Hence, if you will not allow yourself to have fun, you probably won’t. You’ll possibly ruin someone else’s time and opportunity to enjoy the entire escape room experience. If you’re the type of person who can’t submit to the experience, then probably this is not your cup of tea.