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Team Building Package

We are the only Team Building near Atlantic City to offer a P60 Personality Profiler provided in conjunction with a strategic partnership with Straxo, a corporate training and organizational effectiveness firm whose clients range from small businesses to fortune 500 global companies.

Teams are split into 2-6 escape rooms and race head to head for bragging rights! Does your team have what it takes to Escape At The Shore? Call now to find out!

  • We can hold up to 34 people every 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Our waivers are linked to a points based leader-board and automatic picture sending system.
  • Compare your teams performance based on points and time.
  • Get quality photos directly to your email address along with a link to the leader-board
  • All our games were designed for teams to work together in order to progress.



Catering Also Available!

Escape At The Shore Presents:

What Do You Get?

  • A 60 minute table top team building game
  • The game can be set up in any space as long as there are plug outlets
  • Currently we can run 4 games simultaneously. This means we can handle 24 people every hour. However, in September of 2019 we will be able to accommodate up to 96 people in one hour.
  • A facilitator/s will explain the game format and provide assistance to ensure the game runs smoothly.
  • Pictures of your event
  • Social Media exposure for your company to our 3 thousand plus followers
  • Catering Available at an additional charge

Team Building

Team Building Exercises

Escape At The Shore Team Building Partnership

Escape at the Shore, in partnership with (leading provider of corporate training and organizational effectiveness) is proud to offer Communication and Personality Dynamics in Teams. This 2-hour, highly interactive training program is specifically designed to harness the learning from the Team Building experience. The course is facilitated by a certified High Performance Leadership faculty member, and will focus on the following 5 objectives:


  1. Review the various modes of communication and its impact on teams.
  2. Thorough overview of the P60 Personality Profiler, along with competency review.
  3. Why diversification of personality styles is critical for optimal team performance.
  4. Assess the maze experience as it relates to today’s organization.
  5. Individual and team development plans for instant applicability.


Communication and Personality Dynamics in Teams is facilitated at Escape at the Shore, or can be conducted at your facility. Your employees will receive real world applicable techniques to enhance their team synergy.


Interested in on-site or off-site customized training solutions? Then contact us today at for more information.

Team Building