Welcome to our leaderboard. When you sign our waivers with the correct information, your game will show up here. Hence, you are able to see your performance compared to other groups. What are you waiting for? Book an Escape Room today!

Updating Our Leaderboard

Our leaderboard is updated in real time. We also ensure that the it does not contain groups who have completed the same escape room more than once. Also, if your group asks for more than 5 clues, you will not make our top 25. Our leaderboard is reserved for those who are interested in the art of competition. Therefore, our top 25 needs to be cleaned periodically. Hence, this ensures that customers who attempt to make the top 25 by unethical means are unable to do so.

Team Names

We take our website and top 25 seriously and so should you. Please do not use team names that include vulgar references. Remember, children use our website and that is not cool. Our waiver system does prevent curse words automatically.

Points System

Our system also allows players to rack up points. This is another way for your group to be shown on our website. The more games you play and win, the more points you get. Our leaderboard is connected to thousands of other escape room companies around the world and inside the United States. Subsequently, if you feel very competitive, you can compare your points to other escape room enthusiasts around the world.

We hope you enjoy using our leaderboard ethically for entertainment purposes. Accruing points will not result in discounts or prizes of any kind. You will get the satisfaction of being shown on our website and the bragging rights that come with it.  Thank you for taking the time to read this snippet of information. We invite you to come see us again soon!