Immersive Escape Room Design

Immersive Escape Room

Immersive Escape Room Design

Designing and creating an immersive escape room may seem like a very daunting task but don’t let that intimidate you. There are numerous ways to go about it and there are lots of components and factors that must come together in order to create a unique and truly immersive escape game experience.

Start with the Basics

When creating an immersive escape room for the first time, you must start by deciding on the most basic components which is the theme. You don’t need to have a super elaborate theme but at least have a basic concept of where you want to take the players. Will they be escaping from an abandoned mine shack or an old hotel room? Don’t forget that the main point of this game is to escape reality so make sure you think up of creative ideas on how you can transport people to a place that is both fun and exciting.

Define Your Objectives

Escape rooms are a both fun and challenging because it will test your mind and while challenging you to work with other people. However, an escape room will be dull and boring if it doesn’t have a clear objective. Although there are escape room enthusiasts out there that love mounds and mounds of puzzles to solve, most escape room players want to have a challenge that includes really awesome themes and clear objectives.
Once you have your theme, start thinking you can move players through the entire adventure. To do this, you may want to come up with a mission that every player has to accomplish and different objectives that players need to complete so they can escape the room. Once you have this basic part, imagining what clues you need to include will be a lot easier.

Finishing the Hard Part

When creating an immersive escape room, the hardest part by far would be establishing the flow of puzzles for every room. This is the part where you must really crank up your creative juices. To do this, start mapping out the areas where you want to integrate the puzzles and how they will navigate the room. Return to your objectives. How many players can play? Is the room big enough for players to solve multiple puzzles at a time?
If you are planning to build the entire room from scratch, it is best to consult a professional builder to help you with the process. As long as you have the basic concepts mapped out, finishing it will be easy.