Escape Room Survival Guide Basics

Escape Room Survival Guidee

Basic Escape Room Survival Guide

An escape room is a live action, theme based game where players are required to find clues, decipher puzzles, and complete one objective after another to escape from the room or achieve a specific goal within a limited time. The theme will decide every mission which can be anything from deciphering an ancient Egyptian mystery to escaping a haunted hospital. In order to successfully survive your first escape room experience, you need to know some of the basic survival guide suggestions that will help you enjoy your experience and the entire game.
• Play with someone you know – on your first escape room game, it is best to play with your friends and family. If you have the extra money to book the entire room with your group, it will be worth it to play in an exclusive game with the people you are comfortable with.
• Be a team player – once you are into the game, it is often easy to get caught up in the moment when playing a thrilling escape room scenario. But regardless of how worked up you are, don’t forget to be a team player and hear out your teammates ideas on how to solve a particular puzzle. Even you are 100% sure that you got the right answer, your teammates could have the crucial detail you need.
• Always follow the rules – every escape room has unique rules to follow. The rules are in place to ensure your safety and don’t waste your time on anything that is not required. Each escape room you visit will start by explaining the rules and regulations so you need to pay attention to this. Rules may vary based on the location including the themes. However, some of the more common rules for escape rooms may include:

o No running
o Don’t stand on or lift any furniture
o No taking of pictures or videos
o Don’t use your phone
o Do not remove items that are glued on or screwed in
o Follow the basic rules carefully to stay on the right path all the time

Playing an escape room game is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy life have a good time with your friends and family. Now that you have the basic survival guide, book an escape room near you and be fully immersed in this interactive game.