Escape Room – Business or Pleasure?

Escape Room – Business or Pleasure?

Escape Room

Is an escape room just for business or pleasure? Well, they can be both.

As a live action, team based game, escape room players have to find clues, decipher puzzles, and complete one task after another in one or more game rooms in order to escape from the room or achieve a specific goal within a limited time. With the mainstream popularity of escape rooms, traditional gamers are not the only ones hooked on the adrenaline rush of code decryption and solving puzzles under a time crunch.

Millennial’s and Gen Xe’s are hooked. Families play as a team against other families. Corporate teams try to get out of escape rooms along with couples on a date night. Players from different demographics want to play escape rooms and so does everyone else in between.

Escape rooms require communication, delegation, critical thinking, attention to detail, as well as lateral thinking. But most of all, it requires teamwork. The most successful teams are made up of players with a diverse set of skills, physical abilities, experiences, and background knowledge.

Escape Room Team Building

Combining business with pleasure, escape room team building is a new trend that is rapidly gaining traction even in the corporate world. Since this highly immersive game requires all players to work together, it has become one of the most popular team building activities for various companies.

Companies often arrange escape room activities and have their employees’ team up and work together to decipher puzzles and solve the room’s mysteries. This particular activity enables team members to get along and provides the company the opportunity to see every member’s contribution.

Team Engagement While Achieving a Common Goal

Escape rooms allow players to search for hidden clues, explore tombs, or solve a century old murder whodunit depending on the game’s theme. These are not just your typical problem solving activity. Escape rooms are engaging, highly immersive and fun social activities. Apart from providing a break from the typical office activity, those that engage in activities that involve solving obstacles effectively and quickly are better learners.

As a deviation from usual team building exercises, escape rooms provide not just escape from the humdrum of daily life but a highly engaging activity that will help reveal every player’s strengths and weaknesses. In the corporate world, this can help companies identify the skill set of their employees that will come handy in the real world.