Three Mobile Escape Game Options

Each of our mobile escape games have been carefully vetted to provide our customers with a top notch gaming experience. Our mobile escape games require teamwork and communication in order to progress through the game and win. You provide the space, tables, chairs and outlets. We will provide the fun!

What is Mobile Team-Building?


Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

All Bookings MUST be made 14 days in advance


More Information

Keep Talking Nobody Explodes

  • 6 players per table. Up to 24 players.
  • 1 hour time limit.
  • Each table has 1 Defuser and 5 Experts.
  • Players must work together to defuse bombs.
  • Bombs get more complex as time progresses.
  • Each Bomb defused awards points to teams.
  • Team with most points at the end of one hour wins.

Escape Games in Virtual Reality

  • 4 players every 60 minutes.
  • ***Requires 32 square feet of free space and plug outlets.***
  • Players can speak, hear and see each other as they work together.
  • Specifically designed to require teamwork and communication.
  • Created by UBISOFT, one of the largest video game content creators in the world.
  • 2 games to choose from.
  • Escape The Lost Pyramid.
  • Beyond Medusa’s Gate.

Table Top Gaming

  • 6 players per table. Up to 24 players.
  • 1 hour time limit.
  • Each table has 2 security specialists, 2 Alien Experts and 2 Engineers.
  • Players must work together to hack the Alien Mother-ship before it attacks earth.
  • The first team to hack the Mother-ship wins.