Special Events: How about an Escape Room?

You would not want to your special events to be filled with boring activities especially if it is a company team building event. Escape rooms are still fairly new which means a lot of people in your group will be trying this for the first time. This offers a unique kind of entertainment that is perfect for making any event truly special. You must know that there is never a lackluster moment when you are in an escape room. This is an action packed and totally immersive activity that will leave you thrilled and exhilarated.

Escape Rooms for Special Events

Special events

Escape rooms bring an element of surprise to any special event. Whether it is a bachelor or bachelorette party or a planned birthday surprise, retirement or anniversary celebration, fundraiser activity, theme party or conference event, escape rooms have something unique that will make it truly memorable and engaging. Apart from team building events, escape rooms are also ideal for family reunions, work parties, school field trips or school related events, date night, girl’s night out and ice breakers for new co-workers

If finding an escape room near you is proving difficult, or you have an huge group, you can have the game brought to your place instead. There are companies that offer the mobile services and bring the Virtual Reality Escape Games to their customers. One of their requirements is that the place must have a minimum indoor space of 16 square feet for 2 player VR escape rooms every hour and a maximum of 32 square feet for 4 player VR escape rooms every hour. Most companies can also include a mobile tabletop escape room game that can cater large groups people.

You can also book an entire room for your special event if you want a private game with your friends or family. Escape rooms are perfect bonding experience for your family and friends to spend quality time together. No special skills are needed to solve the puzzles and have a really fun time. Bring your party for a different, unforgettable escape room adventure. You can also personalize your escape room adventure to match with your event’s theme. If you want to have a customized event, make sure you call the company ahead so you can plan your memorable occasion with them.