Team Building – Escape Room Virtual Reality

Team Building – Escape Room Virtual Reality Team building benefits in escape rooms are reaching more and more people through organized workplace getaways. Why does an escape room experience work and how exactly does it affect your team? Different types of puzzles and brain teasers in an escape room compel players to sharpen their individual … Continued

Escape Room – Business or Pleasure?

Escape Room – Business or Pleasure? Is an escape room just for business or pleasure? Well, they can be both. As a live action, team based game, escape room players have to find clues, decipher puzzles, and complete one task after another in one or more game rooms in order to escape from the room … Continued

Team Building Exercises

Why are Escape Rooms Relevant to Team Building Exercises? Team building exercises come in many shapes and forms. I remember my first team building exercise with a management team I was on was to figure out how to build the tallest structure possible using graham crackers, pretzel sticks & marshmallows. I thought I had it … Continued